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Minijumbuk Therapy Mattress Topper


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The natural warmth of rich wool fleece and deep cushioning layers combine to ease hip, shoulder and back pain for deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

If you’re waking up with aches and pains, then the MiniJumbuk SLEEP THERAPY mattress topper is made for you.
This innovative design features multiple cushioning layers that reduce body pressure points and enhance bed time comfort. The springy properties of wool disperse body weight over a wider area, making it the ultimate natural fibre for reducing back, shoulder, neck or hip pain. By rejuvenating the body, you can look forward to a more satisfying, higher quality sleep. Experience the SLEEP THERAPY difference tonight.

Pile Surface – 500gsm Wool Fleece
Filling – 400gsm Wool /Polyester Fill
Filling – 250gsm Pure Cotton Fill
Backing/Casing – Cotton
Fitted Skirt – 65% polyester/35% cotton

45cm fitted skirt

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