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Gingham Check Aprons


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Nothing says “home-baked” like Gingham Check. This design is a classic in the kitchen and is sure to give your home a dash of charm. This delightful design will spruce up your Sunday bake-off with practicality and style.

Go about your baking in the Gingham Check Apron. Forget about ill-fitting aprons and one-size-fits-none. This apron has an adjustable strap above the neckline so you can get the perfect fit every time. It’s a full-length apron which will keep you batter-free from head to toe.

Made from pure cotton, the Gingham Check collection is easier to clean than synthetic alternatives. Cotton releases dirt and stains easily, is long-lasting and can be washed in the machine without falling apart. The natural qualities of cotton make it perfect for use in the kitchen.

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